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Armed Security Guard Training

The armed security industry in North Carolina is growing and growing fast and you’re only a few steps away from earning your armed security license. Call a Security Guard Exchange center near you to learn more about how to get started in this fast paced, exciting industry and start earning a great living for you and your family. Security is a great field to be in here in North Carolina and you’re only a phone call away!

Become An Armed Security Guard

Our armed security guard training class offers a full training curriculum for armed security utilizing a variety of instructional methods. The trainers at Security Guard Exchange have years of experience in classroom, video, and hands-on training and know what you need to learn to be an effective and prepared member of any security team. The state of North Carolina requires 24 hours of certified instruction for all armed security guards but we make sure our classes give you more than just the bare minimum.

Employers here in North Carolina know what kind of graduates we produce which is why they come to us for quality armed security personnel. When you graduate from the armed security licensing program at one of our North Carolina centers you’ll earn access to our massive statewide security job board. It’s part of our goal to match you with a great employer as soon as possible so you can start working towards a fulfilling career in the security industry.

Whether you’re new to security or you’re just looking to learn more about becoming an armed security guard in North Carolina, give us a call today. We offer a variety of armed security training programs and even supplementary classes like CCH certification and gun safety and care and when you graduate we can help you to apply for your armed security license in North Carolina. If you’ve still got questions about what it takes to work in security here, give us a call today. One of our trained security professionals will be more than happy to help.

Get started now towards finding a job in the armed security sector – it’s a stable and growing industry and you’ll be surprised how quickly and inexpensively you can get licensed! Call today to find out more and register for classes but don’t wait…spots are filling up fast!

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