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Concealed Weapon Course - Civilian CWP or CCW

In the state of North Carolina you must be licensed to carry a firearm or weapon for personal protection. Let the Security Guard Exchange center nearest you give you the training you need to satisfy the law and get you ready and prepared to handle and care for a gun or weapon. Call now to talk to a security professional about signing up for a civilian CCW or CWP class at a time that works for you!

Whether you aim to become an armed security professional or simply own a firearm for personal and property protection, you’ve got to get the right training to do so properly. In North Carolina, the state requires upwards of four-hours of classroom and gun range training to earn your concealed weapons permit and we’ve got the classes you need to get started. Call now to learn about the courses offered in your area and find out more about the process of applying for a CCW license.

Professional Concealed Weapons Instructors

Our instructors are what make all the difference and here in North Carolina, they’ve got a lot of applicable experience. Their goal is to make sure you’re properly and completely trained to handle and care for a weapon of your own and you won’t graduate one of our classes until they feel that need satisfied. Courses cover such topics as gun maintenance, firearm safety, legal and liability issues and of course, crisis management and are designed to ensure you’re ready to responsibly manage a weapon.

CCW and CWP are some of our more popular classes so they fill up quickly – call now to reserve your spot. If you’ve still got questions about what type of licenses you need to become an armed or unarmed security professional in North Carolina, we can help with that, too. From earning your certification to applying for an NC license, our security professionals make the whole process simpler and easier.

It's a privilege to carry a concealed weapon in North Carolina and we want to make sure you’ve earned it. The proper education is crucial for safe and responsible gun handling and our instructors make it their goal to train you right the first time. For more information on one of our many civilian courses including concealed weapons handling and safety, give us a call today and we can get you registered right over the phone!

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